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Since the beginning of the information Technology age, enterprises have been striving to integrate various applications and technologies. The need for serious enterprise level integration tools and teams has grown rapidly as companies adapt more advanced equipment and networks, utilize more application service providers, share-cost outsourcing models and develop more sophisticated e-business, e-government and web-based access, to integrate and support new e-citizens demanding access to secure systems.


EC&B Solutions is fast becoming a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government, and education. We have a vast array of partners from HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and Sun. Let EC&B be your full IT provider.

Our Ecommerce Site allows for:

· Fast and Easy Registration

· Configure how your products will be shipped.

· Easy ordering of Licensing Products



You need more than an extra pair of hands: you need IT infrastrucuture that works for you. Managing your companies mission critical  IT infrastructure presents you with a long list of challenges.

Multiple websites, databases, enterprise mail, network applications, service updates, and more…  You also need peak performance, 24/7 support, and solutions expertise.



Our website experts provide a full-service

website design and development services solution, delivering professional-looking websites using world-class methods, quality templates within 6-10 business days – guranteed.

Low Pricing – we use a 3-tier pricing structure, which meets the needs of small business, midsize business, and government agencies; which ensure you pay prices competitive for your business size and resource capability.



• Enhanced managed Services

• Enhanced hardware procurement

• enhanced Licensing renewals

• Enhanced Config management



Although EC&B Solutions is traditionally an IT company due to the pandemic of 2020 & 2021 we have had to by dynamic in the way that we do business.  We now offer procurement of all brands and products.  We are unique in that we provide one on one purchasing for our customers.  Fill out the form using the Get in Touch link below.  We receive your information and one of our representatives will call you to start the purchasing process.  That agent will keep in touch throughout the purchasing process to ensure you get what you ask for.

Get in Touch >>>>>>>>

Click Here to Start the Process

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