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​​Systems Integration

A systems integration expert helps you implement and integrate proven, state-of-the-art technologies to achieve your specific business objectives.


Specializing in a approach to business change and technology innovation. First, a team will listen to—and understand—your unique set of conditions before designing, planning, building and even running the complex systems you need to achieve market success. Through a powerful blend of management and technical expertise combined with deep industry knowledge, the team collaborates with your business and technology leadership teams to implement the systems and applications that delivers the imagined results to your business.


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​A Quality deployment

  • A Rapid delivery

  • Guaranteed services and accountability

  • Optimized network availability, reliability and scalability

  • Minimized pressure on your in-house resources

  • Budgeted and on-time implementation

In today's environment, organizations increasingly rely on information technologies for their very survival. Network infrastructure not only provides a gateway for communication and collaboration, it also supports various applications that organizations depend on to manage daily business operations. Besides issues of network bandwidth, security and support for legacy applications and equipment, the use of new technologies-and seamlessly integrating them with the existing network infrastructure and applications-poses unforeseen levels of complexity and challenge.


Bringing components together to build a single, fast, reliable and effective infrastructure requires considerable depth of technical knowledge and experience. Finding the necessary time, resources and technical expertise to perform the considerable work involved in-house can prove expensive and difficult. As a result, organizations are seeking reputable and solid service providers such as EC&B Solutions to help manage their complicated network infrastructure deployment and system integration.


Your Business Advantages

The Ability to install industry-standard platforms such as Microsoft NT and 2000, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Cisco Networking equipment, and other multi-vendor hardware and software solutions.

  • A Professional project management team to ensure accountability and on-time delivery.

  • Lower hardware and software costs.

  • Systematic planning, materials procurement and logistic systems in place to ensure cost-effective, one-stop service.

  • Ability to engage and execute globally.  

A Step-By-Step Approach 

  • In addition to Network Infrastructure Design Services, we aim to design and deploy integrated systems that not only meet your current business requirements, but are also affordable and scalable.

  • An Establish experienced project-management team.

  • Interview your IT and business managers on site to define your business needs and concerns.

  • Investigate sites.

  • Recommends strategies and finalize architecture and design through meeting and presentation phases.

  • Ensure your full knowlege and understanding of project details.

  • Order materials procurement and support.

  • Logistics — prepare pre-delivery and lab test to ensure a single engagement, saving costs and minimizing downtime.

  • Test and validate system readiness.

  • Build lab and field prototypes; prepare for smooth installation.

  • Execute the installation.

  • Configure personalized software and hardware at site.

  • Documents multiple installation mythologies for your reference.

  • Inventory and document system assets.

  • Review all deliverables to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Offer training on system usage.

  • Perform maintenance and follow-up