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​​Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance 

1.    Malware & Virus Wellness Checkup

2.    System Inspection

3.    Network Assessment

4.    Remote VPN Management

5.    Disaster Recovery Plan



Malware & Virus Wellness Checkup 


Being Proactive is key to ensuring that System uptime is maintained.  Depending on the size of your company (computers) being proactive may mean looking at systems daily, weekly, or monthly.  The step EC&B Solutions uses is a 2 step Process.  The first step being a Malware & Virus Wellness check.  Each time a technician examines a system a  Malware & Virus wellness check up is performed.  Each check up is thorough to ensure that the system is running at top efficiency and there is no lag time in production.


System Inspection 


The second step is System inspection.  This step is looking at the physical aspects of the system.  Such thing as speed of internet connections per computer, potential cabling problems, hardware limitations, and security concerns are the focus in the second step of System Inspection. System Inspection also ensures that no surprises from Hardware failure is minimized.  Once the two step process is completed then attention is turned to the overall health of the network.  A network assessment is performed. 


Network Assessment 


The network assessment consists of several aspects: 

  1. Speed of Internet connectivity

  2. Connectivity to Servers

  3. Network Security

  4. Provide early warning to prevent network crisis.

  5. Define systems, traffic, and configurations 

    These aspects are important for several reasons.  Having the network assessment will allow you to envision how and where you want to take your company.  Do you have the ability to expand with ease?  Is the overall network healthy?  EC&B will strive to ensure your business is ready to go where your vision wants to take it.

Computer Repair 1.jpg 

Remote VPN Management 


Remote VPN management is important to any business and protection of data is of the utmost importance.  EC&B will do an assessment to ensure that all information is protected and entry into company network is secure. We ensure all Servers & Computer updates are up to date, look at the configuration of the company firewalls to ensure all proper ports are configured correctly, and we look at each computer to ensure all PCs are up to date with updates. Security of information is at the forefront of Remote VPN management.


Diaster Recovery Plan


Having a disaster recovery plan is the most important plan any one company can have in place.  EC&B Solutions will come in and examine your company process to ensure that it is streamline and that all backups are successful and at a minimum once a quarter perform a test restore to ensure that all data is secured and recoverable.  We also put in place a tape rotation so that there is always a backup set located off the premises of the company in the event of fire or other event.