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​CyberSecurity & Network Assessment

  • Asking the questions: How well is your network performing? Are we secure against outside and inside threats? Are the firewalls properly configured?

  • Providing a comprehensive network strategy to fit the needs of your business today and in the future.

  • Maximizing your network performance.

  • Reducing IT costs.

  • Enhancing your network stability, scalability and security for both physical and virtual environments.

The network environment encompasses a wide range of electronic networked activities, including information services, products, hardware and software, and telecommunications resources that users and providers receive from the network. As a long-term investment, the network must be scalable as needed; hence, it must be based on robust, scalable technologies. The performance of your network environment answers one key question: "How well is your network doing what it claims to be doing?"


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Customer Benefits

Professional network assessment can serve a number of useful purposes, such as:

  • Addressing network capacity, performance, fault tolerance and availability issues.

  • Monitoring network activities and services as part of security measurement.

  • Streamlined approach to daily, weekly, monthly backups.
  • Assisting better planning for future network development to include physical and virtual environments.

  • Providing early warning to help avoid network crises by monitoring network traffic and user permissions.

  • Defining systems, traffic and configurations.

Our Network Assessment Services

  • Interviewing your IT and business managers and documenting your business and user requirements.

  • Providing a Statement of Work for your review and approval.

  • Creating a detailed project plan.

  • Examining and documenting your existing network environment, including network hardware inventory, software and applications, router configuration, switch configuration, network cabling, protocol usage, and memory utilization.

  • Evaluating current network performance, including traffic patterns, bandwidth optimization, and Internet connectivity, network vulnerabilities, security policy and backup procedures.

  • Detailing all findings in an Assessment Report.

  • Identifying opportunities for network consolidation, simplification and cost reduction.

  • Evaluating additional network infrastructure upgrades aimed at meeting your short and long-term business goals.

  • Planning and designing additional recommended networks.

  • Revising project plans.

  • Performing in-depth testing in our lab.

  • Executive project planning.

  • Performing periodic follow-ups, based on additional maintenance contract.

Our Phased Approach

At EC&B Solutions, we provide you with statistical and analytic reviews of your existing network environment based on our years of network experience, using the latest network assessment tools.