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 The Vision - EC&B Solutions is a Technology Corporation promoting growing the IT industry in a way that encourages Technology, a healthy environment, and then on delivering successful products to the private and federal sector markets.  EC&B Solutions has developed an aggressive Technology growth strategy based on a combination of organic/economic growth, and leveraging the ability to partner with other corporations and manufacturers to establish a Global Reach with Global Power within the domestic & international Technology communities respectively.

 Company history

 Today’s SituationEC&B Solutions is currently doing business with the Federal Government providing Technology Equipment and developing strong partner bonds with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Wyle Labs, and Boeing Corporation to provide technology services on a sub-contract basis.  EC&B is also awaiting the award to provide technology services to Metro (the transportation for the city of Houston). EC&B Solutions is ready to expand its technology operation to include the Middle East and the Caribbean Islands based on the partnering agreements with Teaming Partners.  EC&B is also aggressively contacting other technology entities around the international community to foster partner relationships across multiple industries.  The ability to promote such technologies as virtual infrastructure and advance networking protocols is giving EC&B Solutions the ability to foster stronger partner relationships around the world.

How Did We Get Here? EC&B Solutions  began focusing solely on the Federal Sector providing technology services due to certifications we currently hold.  Due to the competition in the federal market EC&B began to focus on the Private Sector as well as State and local government for technology based services.  EC&B Solutions also began to move into providing procurement as a service through our partner agreements with major manufacturers.  At this point, we began to partner with every major hardware manufacturer to be authorized to sell their products.  Currently we are partners with over 25 major technology hardware manufacturers. 

 Long Term Direction- The Long Term Direction of EC&B Solutions will be one of dynamic change and technology advances.  We will not focus on one area of Technology because the Technology industry is forever changing.  The focus of EC&B Solutions will be one of allowing its employees the flexibility to bring creative ideas to the table based on the best technologies that are available at a cost effective rate for all companies large and small.  Its also important to note that our focus will always be in Technology sector however we will cross every industry sector whether Oil & Gas or Agricultural to bring a sense of sound Technology  methodologies to every industry EC&B Solutions does business and partner with.